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Corporate Intelligence:


Change is consistently taking place within the Corporate world and is affected by a multitude of influences. By being able to stay ahead of the competition is effectively how your business is going to survive and with such change taking place relentlessly within the Market, Sectors and Commerce, this can be a challenging task. Lion Investigations can be trusted to deliver such information to be able to achieve this and surpass such challenges.

Considering Partnerships or being able to understand the Market should be done meticulously, and in order to do so we want to help you stay in control of your business and corporate way of life.
We can help you with:

  • Vet employees, partners and businesses

  • Integrity Checking

  • Comprehend implications for your company

  • Apply current events to your model

  • Investigate competitor strategy and weakness.

Due Diligence:

Due Diligence is an essential risk assessment which every business should carry out before committing to any contract. If a failure to deliver this assessment occurs it can sometimes lead to a catastrophic loss for the business, which could have been avoided entirely.

At Lion Investigation Services we are here to help you make the right decisions for your business. Our corporate investigations team will support due diligence in any aspect of business or corporate transactions. We will carry out extensive identification checks on your behalf, and remain vigilant about warning signs and unusual inconsistencies in all of our cases.

Furthermore, cross referencing, any discrepancies, as well as undertaking due diligence in relation to the legitimacy of all cases will assist us to take all relevant steps to see that we have every angle covered, when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients.

We will ensure you have the information to trust your partners and negotiate terms in the best interests of your business. We aim to provide you with the information you require to turn your concerns into profit by investigating the unknown risks, litigation risks, background assessments and examining compliance issues with great expertise and vigilance.


Litigation Support:


By building an evidence package and providing overwhelming evidence for a Trial is what any business or Corporate body requires for a successful conclusion to any case.
We work alongside a panel of Solicitors for the purposes of litigation who are able to defend your case impeccably, and who have benefited vastly from our comprehensive and thorough evidence packages.

Our client base includes various sizeable businesses and consists of an array of cases from Personal Injury claims, to Breach of contract.

Our client base includes various sizeable businesses and consists of an array of cases from Personal Injury claims, to Breach of contract.

With a reliable and professional corporate team of investigators, we can help you to build the foundations for your litigation requirements.

We benefit from an expert team in terms of evidence gathering, witness and victim interviews, case file preparation and review and incident/investigation management. We are experienced in giving evidence in court and continuity procedures.

Some of our services include:

  • Tracing Witnesses

  • Locating debtors and fraudsters

  • Due diligence pre-litigation

  • Surveillance and observation

  • Injury and accident investigations

  • Criminal defence investigation

  • General litigation and legal support

Loss Prevention:


As a Business owner, vigilance is central to when it comes to loss prevention. Using the latest technology, and trained staff we can not only assess and put your loss prevention to the test, but we can produce a loss prevention model to suit your business.

We will treat your business as our own and be assured that you are being given the best advice and service to keep losses to a minimum.

By identifying weaknesses from within your current set up, this may include CCTV to Cyber Security, we can help you modify your business into a fortress to be tested.

Our strategic models are hugely successful and we often receive praise from our customers as to the way their case is handled, and we hope to be able to do the same for you and your business.
Our team is made up of experienced crime prevention detectives who use specialist tactics to help our clients strengthen their businesses.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Franchise and site investigations

  • Fraud Investigations

  • Policy and Audit Reviews

  • Staff Training

  • Integrity Checking

Surveillance Services:


At Lion Investigation Services we are often called upon for surveillance services. This is usually the best way to collate evidence to meet our clients’ needs. We are specialists in all fields of surveillance with the help of up to date techniques and technology. We aim to provide our clients with the best evidence in the form of video and photographic evidence in both rural and urban locations.

We can adopt the following:

Static Surveillance
This is ideal for gathering information and intelligence on a fixed location to see who is connected to the location or the goings on at that particular location.

Mobile/foot Surveillance
This is completed using a fleet of undercover vehicles. This is often the most challenging, but using satellite technology and foot operatives we can track an individual’s movements perfectly.

Address Tracing:

Our Address Tracing service is available to both our Personal & Corporate clients, on a No Find No Fee basis.


If you are trying to locate someone who owes you money, or maybe someone you have lost contact with, contact us today to discuss how we can help you.


We confidently offer a fast turn around time of just 2 – 3 days and maintain an excellent success rate. For our corporate clients, we provide key accounts for many companies who use our reliable service on a regular basis. 


We are proud to have a 98% success rate on our tracing service. 


All we require is:


The Persons Full Name

Date of birth (if you know it) 

Last known address (UK Only) 


We will then begin our trace. Once we have a result we will contact you for payment, and the information is released to you. 


To name a few, we trace for: 

  • Missing Persons

  • Debt Recovery

  • Process Service


Process Serving:


At Lion Investigation Services we offer a bespoke national and second to none process serving service. We work on a fixed fee rate and do not charge extra for mileage and expenses. What we quote is what you will pay with no hidden costs.

We will ensure your legal paperwork is served and a standard full evidential package will be provided accordingly. This will include photographic and video evidence fully exhibited in a statement from the server.

We are experienced in locating individuals for the purpose of process service. We have built solid working relationships with several Solicitor firms who have all benefited from our professional and reliable service over a significant period of time.

Mystery Shopper/Test Purchase:


For our corporate clients we now offer Mystery Shopper/Test Purchase services. This comes in various models to suit the requirements of our clients. From Restaurants to convenience stores we have been tasked with finding out just how good the service and products are, as well as checking to see if staff are compliant with policy and the law. With our trained personnel we can assess if our clients businesses are up to scratch and to the standards they expect.

We also provide test purchase services surrounding dishonest sales, for example an employee selling electrical appliances at our client’s expense, without their knowledge. We can provide video evidence of any underhanded sales that affect your business.

Polygraph Testing:


Also known as the Lie Detector Test is a quick and simple way of finding out the truth. The person undergoing the test is asked some preliminary questions before the actual tests begin. The Polygraph test reads the body’s reaction to certain questions when asked and will detect irregularities in the body’s physical response when a “lie” is told. So far, Polygraph testing has been used in our pre-marital and infidelity cases, along with some corporate investigations.

Asking “have you ever slept with anyone else whilst with your spouse?” has proven to be a very popular question…is this something you need answering quickly?

Here at Lion Investigation Services we have fully qualified and trained personnel to carry out this service at a location of your choice, when you need it.

Asset Tracing:


Are you considering a divorce? Or maybe you’re suing another individual? If so, an asset search is the ideal way of building a financial picture on the other person for the purpose of a fair settlement. Before incurring legal fees there is a huge benefit to be sought by completing an asset trace to find out essentially, is it worth doing? And what will you gain from it? At LIS we can complete asset traces on your behalf, with a quick completion time.

Our Asset Searches Include:

  • The subject’s correct full name and date of birth

  • The subject’s current residential address and confirmation of how long they have lived at the address along with confirmation of previous addresses

  • Land Registry searches detailing ownership of all confirmed linked addresses

  • The subject’s current employment status along with employer’s details

  • Directors search including full details of any connected companies

  • Details of any CCJs against the subject including the value of the judgment, the date obtained, court and case number

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency searches

  • A breakdown of the subject’s full credit history, with details of all previous credit applications and a breakdown detailing the number of live and also closed credit and current accounts

  • Electoral roll search, listing all the registered co occupants

  • Detailed investigative searches

  • Confirmation of other trading addresses and details of other business interests and partnerships

  • Copies of media or newspaper articles concerning the subject including details of any reported court appearances

  • Location of other properties owned by the subject and details of sales particulars or managing agents

  • Other names or alias used and shadow directorships

  • Information on any suspected assets

  • Description of motors vehicles driven

  • Mobile or other telephone numbers

  • Description of subject’s current lifestyle



All trace investigations will be conducted in accordance with all relevant UK and European legislation for debt collection. Where our trace investigations prove to be unsuccessful you will be provided with a full account of our findings. All pre-sue tracing will be completed within a maximum of thirty days from receipt and all positive address traces are offered with a trace recheck service for your peace of mind. Please note, bank account data is protected under UK data protection legislation and cannot be provided under any circumstances.

Enquiries are undertaken via telephone, Credit Industry access only data sets, Credit Reference Agency data, professional & public access databases, discreet local investigations and all enquiries comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Information provided is subject to availability during our investigation into the matter. Please note that due to UK data protection legislation we cannot offer Criminal record checks (CRB), likewise without speaking with the subject we cannot provide details of pension data, bank details or loan/account balances – this list is for example purposes and is not exhaustive. Our trace officers report on what is found and cannot comment on what is not located on public record.

All of our investigations are carried out in accordance to UK and European Laws. We adhere to strict confidentiality procedures and will only pass information by order of the court or to the police for the prevention and detection of crime. All LIS personnel are vetted and CRB checked to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

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