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Pre-Marital Investigations

A client contacted us on behalf of her sister as she had concerns over the legitimacy of a marriage proposal her parents had found. The client’s sister had received information that the individual was not what was being made out. Her concern was that the arranged marriage would not last. It was alleged that he was already in a relationship which was being kept secret due to religious differences. The client insisted we investigated the individual several times to elaborate the consistency of his actions.

We managed to identify a female already in a relationship with the male. Also that it was not a drinking habit but a gambling habit and drugs addiction that she needed to be careful of as he was a heavy cocaine user.

Offender Tracking

We were contacted by a client who was emotionally distraught and exhausted. She had been the victim of a serious sexual assault by a distant relative. As a result she had to endure days of police station visits and suffered a distinct lack of support from the people she came to rely on. The client had information that the offender was going to be flying out of the UK soon and was unhappy with the commitment shown by her Police contact to apprehend him. We began to work for her immediately and managed to locate the offender 70 miles away. Once we had eyes on him, we began our follow to try and detain him at a secure location before handing him over to the police. We managed to detain him at a service station before he was handed over to the police.

Our client was taken on by our aftercare team to help to establish a good relationship with counsellors and women’s aid.

Work Place Investigation

Our client contacted Lion Investigations as high value property was being stolen from his warehouse. This warehouse was used to store computer and electronic components. The client had tried on several occasions to try and catch the individual involved as it was costing him money. We began by analysing the security already in place and identifying weaknesses, we then went on to look at the method used and the area which the items were being taken from. Looking at all of the personnel who worked in that area we managed to narrow it down to 12 individuals out of the 54 who worked there.

We instigated a “trap” and kept our observations for a short period before the offender made himself known by stealing the trapped item. The item had been “bugged” and tracked back to his house. We then spoke to the offender and interviewed witnesses. It later transpired by using covert cameras that 2 others had been involved in stealing the items and selling them online where the trio had made more than £5000.

Martal Infidelity

Our client contacted us as he had been suspecting for sometime that his wife was cheating on him. He had seen her strange behaviour with her phone and emails. They had been married for eight years and had two young children. The client wished for Lion Investigation Services to conduct surveillance on his wife to see where she was going after work as on a few occasions she would come home late due to last minute commitments.

We began investigating her and soon found that she had been meeting with a male at a local train station car park on several occasions. The male turned out to be a family friend of the client whom she had been having intimate relations with at the train station.

Satisfied Customers

“You’re certainly on my Christmas list, the Church have stepped in to help me and my wife sort our problems out but glad I found out when I did before she took things too far. Take care and I will let all of my friends know about you”.

Robert O.


“A massive thank you or all your hard work, you were great from the word “go” and I cannot explain how glad I am that I can move on with my life and I am so happy we traced all of that ***** stuff he was hiding from the courts”.

Ms. Asha K.


“Hi, you have been a huge relief to me and my business, it’s just not right how people can lie, cheat and steal with as much ease. Thank you for helping us out”.

M. Sangha


“Well done fellas, needed that info on my ex wife’s new partner to show her she has made a huge mistake! But it was fair to say that I am glad I hired a PI from your company. Take it easy”.

Richard L.


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