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Where are you based?

Our principal investigators are operational all over the U.K on a routine basis and deployed internationally as the case requires. We have a number of ‘operational bases’ for our staff but all meetings with clients are held in public or at their own premises.

Will anybody find out I am speaking to you?

Not from us, ever…

Your privacy and our operational security are paramount. Even if we are confronted, we NEVER reveal or allude to ANY information.

If a client reveals any information we have obtained for them, we will never reveal ourselves as the source, even if a client reveals our identity and we are challenged. The client (or person appointed by the client) is the only person we communicate with.

Can I pay on instalments?

Absolutely, we will require a deposit which is variable depending on the size of operation and number of resources involved.

How long does the process take?

We can begin to act as soon as a client would like us to. The length of the investigation depends on the objective. Some tasks can result in a conclusion after only a matter of hours, some will need to continue into days of deployments. In larger scale / longer term operations we deploy for months or keep custody of investigations over years. Our sole aim is to reach our objective as quick as is safely possible. 90% of straightforward cases are concluded within a couple of weeks. This is the overall time indication, NOT the amount of time we charge you for. You are only charged for the pre-agreed time essential to meet objectives.


Are your staff all men? Can I speak with a woman?

Both male and female members of the team are on hand to help and clients can specify who they wish to help them.

Will you work abroad if required?

Yes, further information regarding the additional requirements and cost are available on request.

Do you only offer the services listed on your website?

Our service list is not exhaustive. We are capable of managing any investigative task or sensitive enquiry and have an armoury of covert tools and tactics to achieve the desired outcome.

How much does it cost?

We are able to tailor solutions to meet most budgets. The cost is purely based on the amount of time and number of assets required. We understand the gravity of your situation is about more than money and so we you will never be ‘sold’ anything. We offer all-inclusive rates as well as pay-as-you-go options and affordable payment plans. We want to help you with your situation and want to make it possible to solve your situation so commit to do our level best to work with you.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Due to the sensitive nature of our work we understand that clients may wish to conceal the payments. We accept all forms of payments even from third parties, we just need to verify the chain of payment with the client to comply with the law.

Why do you offer aftercare, do I have to accept it?

This is something that you will no find anywhere else. We have given results to our clients, and let’s be honest, sometimes it is upsetting to say the least. Then they ask, “What now?” or “What next?”.

We have made some great contacts with specialist services to help people along the way. There is always help available and we will help every step of the way. The service is free and completely to the individual client as to whether they want or need the additional support

Do you have multi-lingual points of contact?

Yes! We have Urdu, Punjabi and Hindu speaking team members.

What are the risks?

It depends on the situation. We will risk assess every situation and clearly explain all risks to you. We seek your co-operating in keeping the fact that we are working for you entirely secret and protect all advice and communication we give. Safety is paramount and we will not allow harm to come to anybody, client, subject or otherwise.

If there is a threat to life or limb we have methods to obtain support from law enforcement discreetly. In more complex matters we are able to employ security services to provide protection.