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Have you ever considered becoming a Private Investigator but don’t know where to start?

Lion Investigation Services is the biggest and fastest growing Asian Private Investigation Firm in the UK today. Which is why media entities such as The BBC, CNN and The Times Newspaper have all approached LIS for coverage, including a special documentary by BBC Asian Network and BBC Radio 4 “The World Tonight” Program? There are few jobs that will give you the buzz, exhilaration and the excitement as this one, and here at LIS we accomplish this masterfully.

We have completed assignments all over the world and enjoy the challenges it brings on a daily basis.

Lion Investigation Services have industry leading standards and this will reflect in all of the franchises that are purchased with a strict code of conduct to follow, ensuring the ethos continues as we grow.

All Franchises include:

• Fantastic Earning Potential– Rewards for hardworking franchisees is unlimited, depending on your ambitions, the earning potential can be over 80K.

• The Kit – To be the best, you have to work with the best and use the best kit. We source the most practical and user friendly kit to enable us to do our jobs and service our clients the best that we can. The amount of kit will vary depending on the package taken out, but both packages include:

1. A GPS vehicle tracker
2. An audio surveillance listening device (choice of two)
3. An SLR Camera & support kit
4. A Video Camera
5. Your own website and social media portals established for you to take control of once complete.

Plus you have access to the LIS cyber forensics team which is currently in high demand from our Solicitor clients.

Stationary– Your start up also covers all of your stationary needs including all printed marketing equipment to get you started.

  • • The Sentinel Project– This is a secret project that will leave the other investigation companies standing, with exclusive access to equipment sourced and maintained by LIS, it’s not something you are going to want to miss. This will only be disclosed to franchisees once agreements have been met. This is an optional additional cost, however details are only given to approved franchisees.

  • Networking & Marketing– LIS have worked hard to develop and build relationships with a large network of trusted businesses and business owners around the UK. This has meant that not only can we now network and make contacts, but secure regular business. This is something that our franchisees will benefit from also. You will have included your website custom built to your specification. You will also benefit from the LIS marketing campaigns which includes our television advert which is aired in Europe, Asia and North America.

  • Training and Development– We are so very proud of our training and support, with an unrivalled program for our franchisees.
    NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED for this, and we will prep you, push you and test you to your limits, ensuring that you are capable of managing and building your own investigations teams and carrying out your own investigations for LIS clients. Once you have finished the theory part… move on to the really fun stuff. Your other classroom will be a high octane surveillance teach in vehicles and on foot with a team. Central London, on and off trains, in and out of sensitive locations, undetected. This will include night and day scenarios. But we also include training in relation to statement taking, interviewing, first aid and self defence.

  • Expansion Opportunities – The Franchise model is flexible and adaptive which means branching into other territories is a possibility.

  • Ongoing Mentoring and Support– This is priceless. With a team of over 20 years relevant experience you will be well looked after. We are here every step of the way.

 For more information, please call one of the franchise team.

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We have knowledge of the intelligence world and this is apparent in our professionalism and work ethics.

The process

Once you have been given the application pack, take the time to fill this out properly. There is no rush as you want to get it right.


We will be training and guiding you. We have several investigators from various backgrounds with no experience.

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