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Pre-nuptial Investigations

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Getting Married? Are you going to have an arranged marriage? Has it all come about quickly? Does your spouse to be, sound too good to be true? Then they probably are. With weddings costing upwards of £30000 in the UK, is this a gamble you can afford to take?

Sometimes certain pressures will lead to individuals making life changing decisions without seeing the full picture.

With Marital investigations being one of our specialism’s, we understand cultural issues surrounding arranged marriages and also the honour based constraints, however that does not mean you should not know the truth before making the lifelong commitment that is expected of you.

The same applies to parents of individuals who have brought home there prospective life partner to introduce to the family. Do you as a parent or sibling agree? Does something about this person not feel right? Are they financially stable to look after your loved one? Do they drink excessively? Gamble? Do drugs? Do you think they are spinning lies to your loved one? Maybe they are after money or something more sinister? You don’t just marry the person, you marry their family too….what are they really like?

We are in an age where finding out the hard truths after marriage normally mean it’s too late, people then choose to live with the lie, and it affects them in ways they would never imagine. It has been described by some of our clients as “the worst choice they have ever made” and “living in a nightmare”

We can help find those missing pieces, and help dispel any fears before making the life changing commitment.

Address Tracing

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Our Address Tracing service is available to both our Personal & Corporate clients, on a No Find No Fee basis.

If you are trying to locate someone who owes you money, or maybe someone you have lost contact with, contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

 We confidently offer a fast turn around time of just 2 – 3 days and maintain an excellent success rate. For our corporate clients, we provide key accounts for many companies who use our reliable service on a regular basis. 

 We are proud to have a 98% success rate on our tracing service. 

 All we require is:

 The Persons Full Name

Date of birth (if you know it) 

Last known address (UK Only) 

We will then begin our trace. Once we have a result we will contact you for payment, and the information is released to you. 

 To name a few, we trace for: 

  • Missing Persons

  • Debt Recovery

  • Process Service

Background Checks / Online Dating

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Online dating is becoming more and more popular amongst singles. Hoping you can find the one to spend the rest of your life with. But have you considered the gamble? Getting to know someone online comes with its risks:


Are they who they say they? Is that them in the photo? Do they really hold the same religious/cultural beliefs as you? Do they have a drugs problem? Are they really employed?

Too name a few….

You may have found someone who you are now serious about, but is there something holding you back? Do you need some final checks doing? This is where we come in. We have a covert and overt way of vetting a person.


 All trace investigations will be conducted in accordance with all relevant UK and European legislation for debt collection. Where our trace investigations prove to be unsuccessful you will be provided with a full account of our findings. All pre-sue tracing will be completed within a maximum of thirty days from receipt and all positive address traces are offered with a trace recheck service for your peace of mind. Please note, bank account data is protected under UK data protection legislation and cannot be provided under any circumstances.

Enquiries are undertaken via telephone, Credit Industry access only data sets, Credit Reference Agency data, professional & public access databases, discreet local investigations and all enquiries comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Information provided is subject to availability during our investigation into the matter. Please note that due to UK data protection legislation we cannot offer Criminal record checks (CRB), likewise without speaking with the subject we cannot provide details of pension data, bank details or loan/account balances – this list is for example purposes and is not exhaustive. Our trace officers report on what is found and cannot comment on what is not located on public record.

All of our investigations are carried out in accordance to UK and European Laws. We adhere to strict confidentiality procedures and will only pass information by order of the court or to the police for the prevention and detection of crime. All LIS personnel are vetted and CRB checked to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.