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Many other private investigators or companies boast about having ex-policing experience as a selling point, but is it really? Honestly, no, because you don’t know if they were traffic police, admin, off long term sick etc. So it’s about relevant policing experience. This is where we are a cut above the rest. Our principle investigators have relevant police experience in both CID and Surveillance. We have knowledge of the intelligence world and this is apparent in our professionalism and work ethics.

The Future:

We are expanding, and with our corporate plan including international offices and revolutionary App platforms in the pipeline, there will be no stopping us. And we would be very proud to have our successful franchisees a part of that.

The Support:

At LIS we are extremely honoured to have the teams that we do. We look after one another and support each other through all phases of any operation from client meets, to the operation itself. With the wide range of backgrounds within our organisation, there is always a helping hand available. We use only the best kit and will ensure you have everything you need to be a Lion PI.

The Training:

Once all the paperwork is done, it’s time to get stuck in. And we have a training plan that will push you and your team to its limits. This will demonstrate how important team work is, how to use surveillance lawfully and how to become one of the best PI’s in the industry. We are very confident in our in house training and are excited to be able teach the tradecraft. Our trainers are very experienced and qualified to deliver the right training at the right pace.

The Lion Footprint:

We don’t just say we are the biggest Asian Private Investigation Firm in the UK, we mean it. And thanks to our marketing team, we will continue to grow. We have been approached by media giants such as The BBC whom we have completed a documentary with and also CNN to name a couple. We have a television advert which is viewed by millions across Asia, Europe and North America. We have appeared in Newspapers such as The Asian Image and The Asian Today and taken parts in Radio Talk shows such as LBC radio and BBC Asian Network.


It will not stop there; we will continue to plant our foot prints across the world as we grow.

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